Indoor Soccer CMSA 2022/23

Calgary Minor Soccer Association League (CMSA)

Players will practice at a training hub gyms twice a week and play against other clubs once a week (CMSA-scheduled) under the observation of USSF A-licensed Coach Glenn Ramsay and his staff. The practice sessions in the week will follow age group specific best practices. All teams will be trained by gender-specific coaching staff. This will be a higher level than Community and more competitive. Rockies uniform will be included for those who are new to the club.

Practice Day + Locations

Calgary Rockies tries to keep practices consistent:

Girls: Mondays + Wednesdays + Game

Boys: Tuesdays + Thursdays + Game

Younger players practice earlier than older ones.

Our Gyms are located in Calgary NW, at Vivo, at Bearspaw Christian and at Rocky View Schools.

All gyms should be within 15 minutes driving from your home location if you reside in the NW.

Match Days

U7 to10

14 Saturdays from Oct 29 – Feb 25

U7/8 Winter Break: Dec 17 – Jan 8

U9/10 Winter Break: Dec 22 – Jan 8

U11 to U19
May Play any Day of the Week

U11-19 Winter Break: Dec 22 – Jan 8

Match Locations

Most Match Days should be at the Calgary West Soccer Centre. Some might end up at Shouldice, once opened.

1Pay & 5Pay Plans

We have two payment plan options:

1Pay is a full payment of Registration and Tech fee and a $40 Discount of the 5Pay price will be applied automatically.

5Pay divides the full cost of the program registration over five payments. This full cost will also be charged for JumpStart and/or KidSport applications.

The Tech Fee and 10% of the program fee is due at registration. 22.5% will be charged on September 15, 2022, October 15, 2022, January 15, 2023 and February 15, 2023.

YearGame DayTech Fee1Pay (Tech incl.)5Pay
U112012Any Day$100.00$599.00$127.80
U122011Any Day$100.00$599.00$127.80
U132010Any Day$100.00$699.00$147.80
U142009Any Day$100.00$699.00$147.80
U152008Any Day$100.00$699.00$147.80
U172007/06Any Day$100.00$699.00$147.80
Rockies retains the rights to place players according to tryouts and developmental philosophy which might alter the Days mentioned above. * Rockies always tries to keep the player as close as possible to their home location for practice , however, we cannot guarantee practice locations. **1Pay Fees are shown including the Tech Fee and minus the $40 Discount. The Full registration price shall be viewed as the Tech Fee, the 1Pay Fee plus the $40 5Pay surcharge. 5Pay Fees are roughly calculated on a per instalment payment.