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Ongoing: CMSA Outdoor 2021

Growth Stage 3

Calgary Minor Soccer Association League (CMSA)

Players will practice at a training hub twice a week (Dalhousie or Country Hills Park) and play against other clubs once a week (CMSA-scheduled). The practice sessions in the week will follow age group specific best practices. This will be a higher level than Growth Stage 2 and more competitive.

  • 2 Practice, 1 Game per week (CMSA scheduled, usually occur on either Saturday or Sunday)
  • Girls: Monday/Wednesday + Game
  • Boys: Tuesday/Thursday + Game
  • Players born 2012 to 2009. 2013 born players considered, case by case.
  • U10s $299; U12s $349.  Other club fees apply.
  • Rockies Puma uniform for those who are new to the club included
  • Projected Start date: end of April 2021

Growth Stage 2

Developing Fun and Confidence on the Ball


The first session in the week will follow in the Play-Train-Play model and the second will be a game, both at a training hub (Dalhousie or Country Hills Park). This will be a higher level than community Grassroots.

  • 1 Practice, 1 Game per week
  • Girls Monday/Wednesday
  • Boys Tuesday/Thursday
  • For players born between 2009 and 2014, sorted by age and ability
  • Players born in 2015 considered, case by case
  • Rockies Training Kit included
  • U8 – $135.00/U10-12 – $145.00
  • Projected Start date: May 3, 2021