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U7/8 (2011/12)

Competitive Option at CMSA through Calgary Rockies

$213.50, including Volunteer Fee, Admin Fee and Facility Fee.

Once per week, night TBD by coach and CRFC. Start mid April; subject to field permit release.

This is a team event and can be purchased by the team.  All financials are responsibility of the individual team.

U7 and U8 will have all games scheduled on Saturdays, once per week.
Dates, times and location scheduled by CRFC and CMSA. Start April 27th.

Players should be available for all potential evaluation dates.
U8 players may be scheduled for 2 times during the above dates.

April 27th is the tentative start date for games. Games will end on June 22nd with the U8 Minifest being held June 1st.

After registration with CRFC, in order to complete CMSA registration and play games, each player must:

  1. provide proof of age to the CRFC admin, when requested;
  2. complete a CMSA waiver, which will be sent via email upon team registration;
  3. purchase their uniform from SoccerXpress – exact process will be updated soon.
* All Home games and Practices will be held at the Nolan Hill fields (198 Nolan Hill Drive NW).
* Away game locations will be dependent upon the other clubs registered in the same age group and division.
* If your child is placed on a team with a paid coach, the team will have to cover the coach fee. 
* If you child is placed on a team that does fitness, the team will have to cover the fitness fee.
* CRFC is Calgary Rockies FC.
* CMSA is Calgary Minor Soccer Association.
* All dates and details are tentative and subject to change by CMSA or CRFC.
* Please make sure to read through all documents on our website.
* All registrations after March 15th are subject to availability.
* CRFC reserves the right to combine age groups, genders or other soccer club to best provide for the players.

A House League Option is offered through our partners SoccerTech in most of your communities. Please click the link here to be transferred. soccertechlogofinal3