Outdoor streams

Performance stream: Offering competitive opportunities 4-5 times a week. Our premier program exceeds provincial high-performance standards, aligning with national player development goals, fostering soccer excellence on and off the field. Currently, players on the following teams would enter the performance stream: FC 11, Albion 11, FC 12, FC 13, Albion 13, FC 14, Albion 14, Energie 12, Energie 13, and Energie 14

Club Stream: Delve into competitive opportunities and competitions three times a week. Our positive, inclusive atmosphere guarantees enjoyment for everyone. Join us and create lasting shared experiences on the field! Currently, players who are playing on any CRFC team not mentioned above would be in the club stream.

Community Stream: Active participation in meets community fun twice a week offering fun. Discover exciting opportunities that not only enhance skills but foster a positive and engaging experience. 

A detailed breakdown of what will be included in each stream can be found on the outdoor program page which will become available as soon as registration opens towards the end of January.