Jersey Sizing

To ensure proper sizing of our jerseys, please use a t-shirt that currently fits your child well (not too snug or not too loose). Please lay it out on a counter and measure from the inseam of the one armpit to the inseam of the other armpit. Please note the measurement. This measurement corresponds to Column 1 in the table below.

Next, measure from the bottom of the t-shirt to its highest point. Please note that measurement. This measurement corresponds to Column 2 in the table below.

For example, you measure 40cm for Column 1 and 55cm for Column 2. The jersey to chose would be a Youth Large.

JerseyColumn 1Column 1Column 2Column 2
in cmin inchesin cmin inches
YS38154919 1/4
YM38155220 1/2
YL4015 3/45421 1/4
YXL4216 1/25722 1/2
AS4416 1/26124
AM4717 3/86425 1/4
AL5320 3/46726 3/8
AXL5421 1/46927 1/4
AXXL5421 1/47128
Please ensure sizing is correct as the sizing chosen at registration is binding.