Hall of Fame


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Zoe R.

Zoe has earned her “Crushed It” award through her positivity and ability to make everyone on her team feel welcome, whether they are new to soccer, or returning players. She is the first one to pick up cones and listens attentively in training sessions. She has so much passion for the game and rarely misses a practice because of it. She is very skillful and she has a rocket of a shot.

Roarke R.

Congratulations to Roarke for winning the Crushed It Award! 🏆🎉 His exceptional commitment, outstanding team leadership, and overall ability have set a remarkable standard for excellence. Roarke’s dedication and skills have truly crushed it, making him a standout force within his team. 

Scarlett D.


Liam consistently attends, actively listens during practice, and demonstrates a strong passion for soccer, always eager to improve. He is punctual, well-prepared, and always the first to view the instructional videos we send out to the team.


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